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Indistar ® Brochure (PDF)
Indistar -The Basics (PDF)
A New Approach to District & School Improvement (PDF)
Indistar: Seeing the Big Picture
Indistar as Innovation (PDF)
Indistar People Implementation Performance (PDF)
Implementation and Results (PDF)
Logic of School Improvement (PDF)

Indistar - Pacing the Work (PDF)
Creating an Indicator of Effective Practice (PDF)
SIG Online Tool (web page)
Indistar State Implementation Success Makers (PDF)

Indistar Coaches and Capacity Builders (PDF)
Coaching with Indicators (PDF)
Quality of Work Checklist (PDF)

Districts and Schools
Making Indistar Work for You (PDF)
Web System Instructions Manual (PDF) - Updated September 2014
Assessing an Indicator and Creating a Plan (PDF)
District Activity Assessing (PDF)
School Activity Assessing (PDF)
Instructional Team Self-Assessment Rubric (PDF)
Leadership Team Self-Assessment Rubric (PDF)

Continuous Improvement Indicators (school level)
Rapid Improvement Indicators
Rapid Improvement Indicators with Turnaround (school level)
District Level Indicators

Special Education Indicators
High School Indicators
Early Childhood Indicators
Personalized Learning Indicators
Culture and Language Indicators
Family Engagement Indicators
Framework for Growth (FfG) Indicators for District
Framework for Growth (FfG) Indicators for Schools


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